When Canadian businesses need a reliable, cost-effective and traceable way to ship its packages and documents across Canada, the call goes out to STEDFASTS INC.

The most important element in developing a successful business is a well structured foundation. This requires proper network of people, the right location and of course the right numbers. (It all comes down to the dollar sign). When it comes to shipping and receiving packages it’s all about cheaper, faster and most reliable. Steadfast meets all these requirements and so much more. Stedfasts Inc. recognizes the value in your business so we provide that extra value for your money. Realizing that in a world where everything cost money, shouldn't there be someone that maybe should be able to give you a little bit more for what your money is worth. We cater to all sorts of business to business; big and small! We began in the medical field, we are now the leading courier service contender for one of Ontario’s largest, most well established health solutions companies with a history that span of more than 50 years. Our advanced technologies allow accurate and timely deliveries (Track Here).ALL DRIVERS ARE UNIFORMED, ID BADGED AND ALSO TDG CERTIFIED. If there was ever a need to see where your package is, if you have doubts as to what you have sent and or receiving you could just go on the website to track your parcel, package, letter. We are focused on our business, so you can focus more on yours.